Background Butterfly

Geoff Thompson is one of Australia’s few specialist insect illustrators. He started illustrating in 1975 and since 1982 he has been an assistant to one of the Curators of Entomology at the Queensland Museum. His duties there have included participation in many insect collecting fieldtrips, often in spectacular, pristine rainforest habitats and other out of the way areas of Queensland. Other duties involve helping to maintain and enlarge the Queensland Museum’s insect collection, now consisting of about one million specimens.

His illustrations have appeared in many books, journals, posters and displays and have been used as logos, book covers and presentation pieces. He has won prizes in several national competitions as well as an Australian-New Zealand competition. Geoff has run several workshops, both in conjunction with other illustrators and on his own. He has a strong interest in the history of insect illustration and has become an intaglio printmaker.