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Published Illustrations & Exhibitions


1995 "The Fine Art of Illustrating Insects". Wildlife Australia Vol.32(3):20-22 & Back cover

2000 "Illustrating Insects: An Australian Perspective" Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Newsletter Vol.2000 No.9:1,4-9.

2001 "Retro-illustration - Colour Etching a Butterfly" Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Newsletter Vol.2001 No.9:1,3 -9.


1986. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum Vol. 22(2),
Cover: Lachnophoroides frerei; p. 198 Aulacopris matthewsi sp.; p.300 Taudactylus pleione (This illustration accompanied the description of this unique frog from Kroombit Tops. Geoff was on the expedition during which it was collected.)

1986. The Queensland naturalist Vol. 27, Nos 1-4,
Cover: Rhyssonotus laticeps (Another special find from Kroombit Tops, this rare stag beetle was collected on my first field trip with the Queensland Museum.)

1989. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum Vol. 25(2), p.256, 258
Wambo puticasus (A rare species of Christmas Beetle from Lake Broadwater, near Dalby)

1989. Myrmecia Vol. 25, Part 3
Cover: Idolothrips spectrum (A giant Thrips)

1991. The Insects of Australia CSIRO. 2nd ed. MUP, Melbourne.
Vol. 1, p.471, fig. 30.33F. Myerslopella sp (A special leafhopper)

1991. Journal of the Australian Entomological Society Vol. 30,p.333
sp. (A weevil)

1992. Systematic entomology Vol.17, No.4
Cover: Triozocera sp. (A stylops)

1993. Cardale, J.C. Hymenoptera: Apoidea. In Houston, W.W.K. & Maynard, G.V. (eds) Zoological catalogue of Australia. Canberra: AGPS Vol. 10, p.236 Ctenoplectra australica (A rare native bee, the only member of the family Ctenoplectridae in Australia, at that time represented by a single specimen)

1994. The Australian Entomologist Vol. 21, Part 2,
Cover: Macropanesthia rhinoceros (The largest cockroach in Australia and the heaviest in the world)

1997. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum Vol.41(1):1-169 {Monteith, G.B. "Revision of the Australian Flat Bugs of the Subfamily Mezirinae (Insecta:Hemiptera:Aradidae}" Numerous illustrations and maps.

1998. Invertebrate Taxonomy Vol. 12 pp.685-824. {Matthews, E.G.  
"Classification, phylogeny and biogeography of the genera of Adeliini (Coleoptera:Tenebrionidae)"}:-
            p.741. Fig. 103. Dicyrtodes arneius.
             p.760. Fig. 127. Diaspirus bellendenus
            p.764. Fig. 129. Epomidus prionodes
            p.768. Fig. 131. Apocryphodes thompsoni
            p.797. Fig. 171. Bellendenum gonyxuthum
            p.805. Fig. 174. Monteithium ascetum
            (All rare, rainforest, darkling beetles)

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